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Welcome to California USA City PennySaver Portals



Click link Below to be redirected to particular City Penny Saver City Portal Like to Surf.

On this City Portals you will Find lots of Links to

Most Popular Listings Published in Google.

ALL HAND PICKED & as ones with Highest Google Rating in their Class.


Note: We are Mainly Posting ones that Display the Highest Popularity the

Ones with Highest Ranking since are more readily available 

As Follows: 

A.-The ones with Largest  & Most Positive Reviews

This in No Way Says that this are the best Business

But ONLY that are the ones which Spend More

Resources Promoting themselves on the internet. 

In Addition that they

DO Provide a Good Customer Service &/or Products. 

Many of them have a section where you can View & or Post your Experience

with their business & or Products &/or Services  

Please Click City Portal to View Present Listings 

Welcome to Los Angeles County California City Portal


Welcome to Los Angeles  California City Portal


Welcome to San Diego California  City Portal


Welcome to Chula Vista  California City Portal


Regarding Our Listings, we display in all  our City PennSaver City Portals

We basically have 3 Types of Ads,

1.- SPONSOR BANNER ADS  468x125Pixels & 125x125 Pixels 

Wich Display in TOP of All ty Portals in a Group of 5 Banners

Which Rotate with Each Other to provide an equal amount of Views=Times are Displayed

2.- Our BOX TEXT ADS, 2 Sizes  468 x 80 &  125 x 300

2 Types Horizontal & Vertical 

A.-The Horizontal BOX TEXT AD 468 x 80 Pixels 

Displays on the left  Middle Portion of City Portals Page

Which includes a Space for a 125x125 Image resized for Listing

Also Includes Space for 50 Characters for Title Plus space for 150 Listing Description

B,-The Vertical BOX TEXT AD,

 Displays on the RIGHT Middle Portion of City Portals Page

Following Size 125 x 300 which includes a Space for a 125x125 Image resized for Listing

Displays on the RIGHT Middle Portion of City Portals Page

Includes Space for 25 Characters for Title Plus space for 150 Listing Description

C.- Our JUMBO ADS. Displays on the Upper Right Portion of City Portals Page

 Size 600 x 300 Pixels Our Most Prominent which

Can be USED for Posting UTUBE Videos or Lage Banners & or Images of 600x300 Pixels Size

With Space for Promoted Business Listing LINK for Business or other Site want Advertised 

The behaviour of our Ads

ALL POSTED ADS  We Post are on yellow Background & A Colored Ring Around Business

 Listing Header Promoted.

To Assist you Finding what you are Looking,We have 

Provided with COLOR RINGS  Around The Business Listing According to their Category.

 NOTE: Listings We Display in Portals have Limited Amount of VIEWS=TIMES are DISPLAYED

If Interested on one or More Please Save or Book Mark URL for Future Review 






MEDICAL: Hospitals Clinics DENTISTS 


SERVICES Light Blue Ring

Most Home & Commercial Service

PERSONAL CARE Beauty Salons,Barbers Stylists 





FOOD Purple

Food Markets & Food Vending Stores


RESTAURANTS,Taco Shops Pizzerias Etc



Department Stores & Stores All Kinds