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We Post/U 2 Ads/ur SD Site for $10

Welcome to Durazo Promotions 

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We Post/u 2 Ads/ur SD Site/ Half on $20 Seen 12K Times 


This Ads Offer  Pertains to San Diego Ca City Portal But 

We have 14 Total City Portals for you to Select from Please Make Selection Below!






Yes, we DO the EDITING Posting & Promotion for your 2 Ads!

For $10,00 for Each pair of Ads/City Portal,

That's a Saving of $10.00 from Regular Price of  $20.00

 So you Don't Have to Spend your Valuable Time doing your site promotion! 


Actually, you can Get up to  28 Ads That's 2 On Each of our 14 City Pennysaver city Portals

At $10.00 For each (2) Ads, That's $140,00 For all 28 ads! A Saving of $140.00 Dollars 

You can Buy 2 or up to 28 Ads for the Same $10 Price for set of 2 Ads Per City Portal..


1.- 2 to 28 Ads Offer Stands for up to 60 Days from 1rst $10.00 Purchase

2.-Ads In Offer are the BOX TEXT ADS Ones shown at Middle of City Portals Pages 

We will Post 1 Each VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL Ads 

1  VERTICAL ADS ones on RH Side of Portal

1 of HORIZONTAL Ads one at LH of Portal Page

3.0 We Will Send you a Page for Each Ad for you to see Progress of your Ad

Purchased Views,Views Displaed,Views Balance & TIMES AD CLICKED 

4.-Our Ads Rotate with Each other Meaning, Your Ads Might Not Display Some Times Reason Why we Offer the 2 Ads Campaign so they are more likely to be seen more frequently.


We Will  At your REQUEST Modify TEXT or BANNERS in Your Ads

Once per Month FREE /Per Ad.  ( Extra Changes $10.00 On Sets o 2 Ads).


This is a CBAC#1=Copper Basic Ads Campaign 

(2) Ads with 5.000 Views=Times Ad is Displayed on Whichever

City Penny Saver City Portal You Choose  Each Plus 1.000 Free

Views for Each AD, Where it comes out to

12.000 Views for your Ads Promoting your Business  

(Clicks to ads RE-DIRECTING VISITORS to your Website are Totally FREE !!

See Below for Ordering Instructions after Visit My City Portals Below


Chose below My 14 City Penny Saver City Portal(s) Where  want

 your Business Promoted!


Acapulco, Guerrero, México City Pennysaver  
click here  aquí 

Berlín, Alemania City Pennysaver 
click here  aquí 

Ensenada, Baja California, México City Pennysaver  
click here aquí 

Chula Vista, California, USA  City Pennysaver 
click here  aqui

Hermosillo, Sonora,  México  City Pennysaver 
click here aqui

La Paz, Baja California sur, México City Pennysaver  
here aqui

Lima, Perú City Pennysaver  
click here aquí 

Mexicali, Baja California, México City Pennysaver  
here aqui

Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México City Pennysaver 
click here  aquí 

Río de Janeiro, Brasil City Pennysaver  
here aqui

Rosarito, Baja California, México City Pennysaver 
click here aquí 

San Diego, California, USA  City  Pennysaver 
click  here aqui

Tijuana, Baja California, México City Pennysaver 
click here aquí  

Tokio, Kanto, Japón City PennySaver click here aqui


Once you decided in which city portals

And how many Ads you want To be Posted 

Submit Payment 

Click / Payment VIA PAYPAL = 

 Remember You can Get (2) Ads For $10,00 Dollars To Display

On each City Penny Saver City Portal you Select!

If Want ads Posted in Several Cities

Ad Up Total Ads Want & Submit $10.00 Payment for each set of 2 Ads Per City Portal  

We Post/U 2 Ads/ur SD Site for $10

1.-Please Check Mark City Penny Saver City Portals Want ou ads to show 2.-At Bottom Box If Want Several Ads in Several Cities Please Write Ads# & City Want it Promoted. 3.-All Ads are Posted in Groups of 2 Ads For Each City 4.-Want Ads in Several Cities Need Buy Silver Campaign #1 or #2

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