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DO YOU NEED CASH NOW?? And by now, we mean

starting Right Now, from Day 1!!


If so, LET US HELP YOU!!!....Use our New Perpetual Cash

Program and get paid, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!!


NO Selling, NO Recruiting and NO Advertising

required!!!....We are already marketing worldwide, So we

do the work while you get the pay!


Here's How It Works

We are simply using a Powerful automated leveraging

system that allows us to="to" share our money with Everyone

who comes on board, and allows everyone to="to" move up

to GIGANTIC INCOME!!!....The secret is, we pay you for 4

Groups of members who join after you do. And, again, we

place those people in for you so that you don't have to!



Here's The AWESOME Income Formula

Group 1 - Everyone gets in for just $5 and

we IMMEDIATELY begin placing 10 sign ups in behind

you, paying you $2.50 each. So, your="your" filled up Group

1 income is $25.00 ....But, here's where it

gets exciting!....our software will deduct $10 from your="your" $25

to automatically upgrade you to="to" Group 2 ( and be sure to

read below and see what now happens to="to" your="your" income for

the next 3 levels )




Group 2 - You are now automatically upgraded for Group

2....for this level, we place 100 sign ups in for you,

paying you $5 each for each Group 2 upgrade. So, your

filled up Group 2 income is $500.00 ....our software will

deduct $50 from your="your" $500 to="to" automatically upgrade you

to Group 3.


Group 3 - You are now automatically upgraded for Group 3

....for this level, we place 1,000 sign ups in for you, paying

you $25 each for each Group 3 upgrade. So, your="your" filled

up Group 3 income is $25,000.00 ....our software will

deduct $600 from your="your" $25,000 to="to" automatically upgrade

you to Group 4.


Group 4 - You are now automatically upgraded for Group 4

....for this level, we place 10,000 sign ups in for you, paying

you $400 each for each Group 4 upgrade. So, your="your" filled up

Group 4 income is a WHOPPING $4,000,000.00 !!!


And, all that came out of your="your" pocket was a Measly $5 !!!

 How Do I Join And How Am I Paid?

Once again, we pay out 7 days a week....And, both joining

and getting paid is Extremely Easy! .... We have 3 choices,

and you can use and get paid by whichever method you

prefer....We use the Bluebird Card, where you can spend

your funds from your="your" card or have them sent to="to" your Bank

account. And, we also use Western Union and Moneygram.



Our software will automatically record which way you pay

in, and then pay you your="your" income the same way that you

use when you pay us. There is no separate registration

form to fill out. So, you do not have to="to" put in any personal

info, bank account info or any info at all.





If you want to="to" use the Bluebird card, just email us at , and in the subject line put - Bluebird

.... We will then email you our FAST START instructions.



 Howeverif you want to="to" use Western Union, just email us

at  , and in the subject line put -

Western Union .... We will then QUICKLY email you with

EASY instructions on how to="to" pay and to get paid FAST!



 And finally, if you prefer to="to" use Moneygram, just email us

at and in the subject line put -

Moneygram .... We will then email you with those

Fast and Easy instructions.   

 What Is Our Product/Service?

We are a Freebie and Coupon Savings Information Service

that started in 2007. And, we provide Information only. So,

in other words, you are NOT REQUIRED to buy or sell

products. The information we provide is already included

in this program, and will be emailed to="to" you after coming on

board with us.


Any questions so far?....just email us


 Be sure to="to" hurry in to get your="your" income started Right

























2018 All rights reserved worldwide. The primary purpose of the above information is to="to" increase membership in our Freebie and Coupon Savings Information Service, which is included in the program mentioned above. There is no obligation to buy or sell products. Revenue paid in by members are considered to be membership fees. Revenue paid back to members are appreciation payments for helping the program expand its service. Any and all payments made to members can be higher or lower based on the existence of new sign ups into the above program. All participants are responsible for their own="own" taxes if any. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Void where prohibited by law.

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